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Event Payment

Ok, if you are interested in coming to Shotgun LAN, and have signed up, the next step is to pay us! :) Remember, if you pay before the event, it only costs you £15, if you pay us at the event, then it costs you £20. We've had a lot of no-shows in the past, so it helps us to have a concrete number of attendees.

You have two options when it come pre-paying for Shotgun LAN :

  1. Send us a cheque. Make the cheque payable to Peter Matthews, and send it to :
    12 Petrel Croft
    RG22 5JY
  2. Pay us via PayPal. You will need to create an account and register a debit/credit card. Unfortunately you need to verify your account by checking your statement, which takes a couple of days. Once you have activated your account, please send £15 to Alternatively, click the Paypal "Buy Now" button below.

When we have received payment, we will shift you on the "paid" list and then all you have to worry about is a whole weekend of quality gaming :)

Please take the time to pre-pay if it is at all possible, it makes life much easier for us, and saves you a fiver :)