More event spammage - SG20 - Coming in fast!

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More event spammage - SG20 - Coming in fast!

Post by PeteTheHair »

From the email I just sent out...
Morning there,

Please read all of this one, folks... It's important :)

Just a "swift reminder and last minute info" type email really... First, please note that SG20 is this coming weekend. This may seem like very basic information, but people have already got this wrong. It's just as well Jamie gave me a call before he went over there last weekend ;)

So -

Event start time: We'll be getting into the hall quite late this time around, as we all have real jobs now. I realise this sucks. We believe the setup effort will be running until about 9 PM Friday. Please don't expect to be doing any gaming before then. If you turn up before then, you'll have 2 options:
- Go to the pub down the road. Not a bad option. You can park in the venue's car park from 8. Feel free to come down to the venue from about 9.
- Help us set up. Given how pushed we're likely to be, this would be pretty handy, and it may even earn you a beer. We've got a lot to do though, so expect to be ridden hard and put away wet, so to speak.

Either way, please don't show up before 8, absolute earliest. We're not there until then.

Event closing: Due to the aforementioned jobs, the network will be coming down around midday to 1PM on Sunday. Anyone willing to help out with the cleanup effort would also be our favourite-est people ever.

Car parking: Please note that the venue has a one-way system, or it did when we were last there. When you arrive, please drive straight on, around the right hand side of the building, not just off to the left. This will make more sense when you're there. To be honest, we don't care that much, but the venue peeps get _very_ annoyed about it. They're nice enough to lend us their hall, so let's keep them happy.

Final info: Lastly, please take a look at the info pages at They'll try to make sure that you know everything you need to, and that you don't forget anything important.

For anything truly panic-worthy, I can be reached on 07881 780565.

The basic details once again:

Event - Shotgun 20
Dates - 2100hrs Friday, 15th September -> Around 1400hrs Sunday, 17th September, 2006 Location - TS Swiftsure, Badshot Lea, Aldershot Price - Once more, the SG Standard of £15 pre-paid, £20 on the day

Further Information -
You can get hold of us in the following ways:
* Reply to this email - I'll do my best to get back to you ASAP
* Web - The site and forums are always available at
* IRC - #shotgunlan on Quakenet ( Feel free to hassle an op :)
* MSN - - Please don't use this address for email though.
* Phone - As mentioned above, I can be got on 07881 780565. Emergencies only though, please.

Cheers folks, and I look forward to seeing you all there...

Love and Hugs,

Pete Matthews,
Organiser, Shotgun LAN
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Post by Seahorse »

Nothing like posting a dead link to the event info page. I think it's the php at the end...

better still look to the right!
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